About Us

I, Cuong Tran, founded the Hooaah! search engine eight years ago. The title of the search engine is based on U.S. Army speech. It is a word that expresses excitement and satisfaction that I learned when I served in the U.S. Forces twenty two years ago.

Hooaah, Incorporated was officially registered with State and Federal governments in the United States in the year 2008. Because I am both a father and a student, I am both a parent and a learner. Consequently, Hooaah! I have applied both the elements of cybernetic design and the relentless search for new ideas in the construction of a search engine that is especially designed for education- both in the classrooms of our State of Texas, and in the homes of older learners like me. I had a very intelligent and eager helper in my efforts to create a search engine focused on educational sources and ideas in my daughter. Watching her grow up in the new world of computer technology both at school and at home inspired me to continue working towards my goal even when, at times, the going got tough.

Originally a native of Vietnam, my childhood and youth was a difficult period, due in no small part to the fact that I lost my father when I was only twelve years old. I became an entrepreneur, therefore, on the basis of my own inspiration and my personal struggle to survive in a difficult world.

The Hooaah! adventure took almost five full years of research and development efforts. Think of it as more than 10,000 hours out in the garage! My experience as an entrepreneur here in my new American home has convinced me of many things, but the most important is that there is always a solution to the problems that I have to solve to succeed in my venture. Yes, challenges to the successful development of a new search engine devoted entirely to educational ends still arise. However, the future rewards of sticking to the task for me will be how Hooaah! will improve the studies of school children and even for those parents who realize the need to increase their knowledge and understanding of our complicated world.

To all my supporters and to all my future users I ask one simple thing. Please join me in my efforts to create the Hooaah.edu and know that what we are doing is setting out to make our hopes and dreams real.

It has begun!

Cuong Tran
Hooaah Inc
PO Box 36693
Houston, Texas 77236
United States of America